Hello, and thanks so much for visiting! My name’s Caprice Stagner. I’m a licensed Esthetician and currently studying Western Herbalism. I aim to create herbal skin care products that nourish the skin and delight the senses. My journey with the plants really started when I was working at a chain spa and a big part of the job was to sell retail to clients. I was pretty terrible at it! I couldn’t consciously talk to clients about using products that were filled with parabens and synthetic ingredients. After some time, it was pretty obvious that I couldn’t compartmentalize myself to fit a role that I didn’t align with.

I was in my second year of a three year herbalism program when I was pregnant with my first baby. After I had him, I decided to take the year off from my herbalism program but still wanted that piece of connection to plants in my life. I enrolled in an online program (and study when he's napping. I like to think of  JK Rowling when she first wrote Harry Potter while her child napped.) I decided the most tangible way I could practice herbalism was to infuse it in the work I was already doing; massage and holistic facials. I began making topical products and fell in love with that application of herbalism. I intend to complete my herbalism program but am so enjoying the time with my son and his first year of life. 


I had been drawn to herbalism for some time and whatever it was I expected it to be like, stepping into the plant realm was (thankfully) vastly different than I could have ever anticipated. This connection clicked into place where being outside and seeing plants like Nettles, St John’s Wort, Burdock, Passionflower, Comfrey, all these beautiful herbs, thriving where I live really flipped my world upside down! I didn’t know just how personal of a relationship you could have with the land you live on. Now something as ordinary as making a cup of tea fills my days with magic. One of the greatest gifts has been experiencing how the biggest medicine often comes in the simplest of forms.


My mother and I work downtown in the historic district of Saint Joseph, MO where we offer massage, holistic facials and custom skin care products. Topical applications of herbs are a wonderful way to experience their benefits. That's why you'll find services like our botanical massages and holistic facials where we incorporate plant oil infusions. We would love to greet you with a warm cup of tea!

  Mother Herbaceous

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